daily changing menus

We are very proud of our 100% freshly prepared food

We never compromise on our ingredients

Our menus are written every day and are inspired by the fresh, seasonal produce that arrives at our door each morning. There’s no freezers here at Chez Jules; our team of dedicated chefs transform these ingredients in to the fresh, tasty, beautifully presented food that we’re proud to serve every day!

From light lunches and kids’ meals to indulgent dinners and dining deals we are sure that you will find something to savour, the problem is more likely to be what to choose!

A basket of beautiful French bread and butter is served to all of our guests AND all main courses are served with fresh seasonal vegetables and gratin dauphinoise potatoes. We really believe in offering value for money and truly feel that you won’t find many restaurants out there that offer what we do!

Click on the menu links  at the top of the page to take a sneak peak at our menus as well as other events that we have on throughout each month.

veg bread