Valentines Day is approaching and we would love you to celebrate it with us!

Here are a few love related words in French, in case you fancied trying them out!

Cupid = Cupidon
February = Février
I love you = Je t’aime
would you like to go out with me ? = Est-ce que tu veux sortir avoir moi?
would you marry me? = Est-ce que tu veux (bien) m’épouser?
heart = cœur
love = amour
lover = amoureux (m) / amoureuse (f)
Valentine = Valentin
Valentine’s Day = Saint Valentin
Boyfriend = petit-ami/ petit-copain (m)
Girlfriend = petite-amie / petite-copine (f)
Happy Valentine’s day = Joyeuse Saint Valentin
Would you be my valentine? = Tu veux être mon valentin / ma valentine ?

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