Passionate about food

Always Seasonal

We pride ourselves on our use of seasonal produce, which in turn allows us to offer constantly changing menus that are compiled daily, testament to the quality of food that our chef’s produce.

Any diner that enjoys good food is on an eternal mission to find the perfect restaurant. We believe that a big part of this is offering exceptionally priced, quality food, accompanied by fine wines, friendly service and an unrivalled atmosphere.

Entrepreneur and Owner of Chez Jules, Jason Ellison, opened the doors to Chez Jules 21 years ago and ever since, the restaurant has gone from strength to strength. Here he gives a brief synopsis of Chez Jules and his unique involvement with his beloved city of Chester:

“When Chez Jules first started out, our daily changing menu was a unique model, hand written everyday to accommodate this fantastic, seasonal concept. Although our menu has become more sophisticated over the years, this ‘daily changing’ concept remains, giving our customers the best possible culinary experience and preparing and cooking everything from scratch on the day, every day.

The City’s love of Chez Jules is demonstrated by the customers that return again and again, assured that each visit provides a new, daily changing menu, complete satisfaction and unparalleled consistency.

“At Chez Jules, we are passionate about food. Quality, taste, variety and value are paramount to what create here, which is demonstrated by our extensive daily changing menu. We take the time to build excellent relationships with all of our suppliers and ensure, where possible, that everything is sourced locally. Seasonality is also a major part of what we do, with every dish cooked fresh on the day with the best possible ingredients.”

Chez Jules Chefs

Passionate about wine

wine chez jules

Always Searching

As dedicated wine enthusiasts, we are always searching for the best wines we can find for our customers. We obviously have a large French selection, however, we don’t feel that being a French restaurant should stop us from also being able to offer an extensive choice of wines from other countries such as Italy, Chile, Spain, South Africa and New Zealand.

Loving wine as much as we do, we want our customers to love it too! We want everybody to be able to taste and enjoy our wonderful wines – they are great and they pair so well with our fantastic, fresh food. This is why we price for value, not for profit. An example of one of our high end wines – Segla Margaux. We sell this bottle for £45.00 and believe us, it’s worth every penny! We have searched far and wide and have found the same bottle selling for anything between £70 and £145 in other restaurants around the country!

We source our wines from a number of renowned suppliers who also love and take pride in their products. They each provide regular wine tasting and training sessions with our dedicated team members to ensure that they are fully knowledgeable on everything that we offer.

So why not have a chat with your server next time you’re in? They would be so happy to be able to recommend one of our superb wines to match your tastes and food choices.

Passionate about people

Always welcoming

We realise that people have a large choice of restaurants in which to dine in and we are so happy to know that our customer service plays a large part in why so many people keep returning to Chez Jules. We pride ourselves on our friendly, knowledgeable, helpful service provided by lovely people … why not come along and meet them???

General Manager, Andy Slack says:

“Customer service is really important to us and plays a major part in the fantastic atmosphere that is present throughout each and every service, whether it is a light bite in your lunch hour or intimate dinner to special occasions and corporate events.

People just keep coming back and with a fantastic and varied choice every time, the ambiance remains the same but the delicious and diverse selection of French cuisine is endless.”

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